Customer Loyalty System

Our system allows a business to run their own in-house loyalty scheme along the same lines as the Woolworth Rewards Card, using a portable handheld Loyalty Terminal and a Customer Loyalty Card.

The Loyalty Card is a plastic, credit card style, card that is branded with your company's logo, and it contains a smart, micro chip that stores points transactions, and allows points to be added and subtracted. Transaction information can be stored in the terminal to be uploaded to a PC to be analysed and to create a customer database for marketing purposes. Plastic Cards Ltd. provides specialist software for this function.

The Loyalty System is however a stand alone solution, and does not require a PC in order to function and can be used effectively without one.

NFC Card System

With just a tap of your loyalty card, points and tracking is automatically applied to the respective account - gone are the days of enter customer numbers, saving your over the counter staff countless of hours.

Mobile Phone Discount System

Your customer can just wave their phone, and the system will identifies if He or She is apart of your loyalty program, want a presentation? Contact us