Market Research and Surveying

Market Research Surveys can help you evaluate your customers’ buying habits, compare your products with those of your competitor or test a new ad campaign. Market Research Surveys produce essential data to guide many important business decisions.

What Is Market Research?

Researching your market helps you understand your customers, your competitors and the industry in which you operate. It's an ongoing process that involves using data to drive decisions related to running your business.

Why Use Market Research Surveys?

Market Research Surveys give you the information you need to make smart decisions about your business, resulting in increased revenue.

Tradies Media helps you create Market Research Surveys that:

  • Gather market intelligence regarding opinions, trends and competitors
  • Gauge interest in new products and service offerings
  • Get actionable feedback at an affordable price
  • Recommend optimal product enhancements
  • Assess the impact of pricing changes
  • Gain insight into customer demographics

Tradies Media is the leading market research software for online survey creation. You save time and improve efficiency by using our online survey software to collect, organize and share your market research data. And our flexibility allows you to upgrade and downgrade when needed, without losing any existing surveys or previously-collected data.

On average, an unhappy customer shares his negative experience with 10 other people, who then each tell five additional people. That’s 50 potential customers who might hear about one negative experience